About US

Our Mission

L.J. Barton Mechanical will be known as the "go-to" multi-trade contracting company in the communities we serve, delivering a standard of care and excellence, quality of work, and value that clearly exceeds industry benchmarks and customer expectations.

Our hallmark is the quality of our people, the pride they take in their work, the customers we delight every day, and, most importantly, the trust and respect of all those who deal with us. We are in business for the long term and operate with that top of mind in the relationships that we build every day.

Personal Message from Jim Barton

Jim Barton, President of L.J. Barton Mechanical"Get a trade, young man, get a trade..."

Looking back, the best advice I was ever given was from my parents who encouraged me from an early age to get a trade. I grew up believing that if you do a good job at a fair price and look after people - you’ll never go wrong.

When I started L.J. Barton Mechanical in 1990 I already had more than seven years of plumbing and mechanical experience under my tool belt. It was during my first two contract jobs - one a factory addition and the other a new soap line at Procter & Gamble - that I knew I was doing exactly what I wanted to do. And so it goes...

As the construction, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical industries continue to grow and evolve, our direction remains clear:

  • respect our employees
  • respond to the needs of our customers
  • resolve to build an enriching and rewarding community that makes Ontario ‘the’ place to live, work and play

We understand that it’s the relationships we forge that ultimately builds lasting partnerships and we work tirelessly to build that confidence.

For over two decades, our success has not been a matter of fate or luck. It’s the natural outcome of our commitment to continuous improvement...how we support and develop our employees...the unique way we deliver and forge long-term relationships with our customers...and our unwavering commitment to creating healthy buildings that are good to their owners, the people who live in them, and the environment. Simply put our mission is clear, BUILDING health.

While there is a lot of talk these days about commitment to our environment, L.J. Barton Mechanical has been committed since our founding days.  We actively research eco-friendly means for our customers to reduce their environmental impact and save energy. For example, as a proud member of the Canada Green Building Council, we support the LEED Canada Initiative, which has created a tool that will allow for rapid expansion of green building certifications in Canada. Given that buildings are responsible for up to one-third of Canada’s total green house gas emissions this will have a major impact on overall reduction. Also, in October 2013 we joined the “Switch the Stat” program, with a goal of encouraging the uptake of more energy efficient programmable thermostats and the provision of a safe and responsible disposal option for older mercury-containing thermostats. These are just two examples of the way we are putting our commitment to the environment into action.

The design and construction industry is built around day-to-day transactions and longer-term contracts that ultimately come to an end.  However, for L.J. Barton Mechanical Inc. we think about each initial engagement as just the beginning of a long-term relationship, which is our promise and responsibility, as we know that creating healthy buildings is a long-term commitment by design. Ultimately, it is a commitment to the success of our customers, and our employees, and our company.  We look forward to working with you!

Jim's Favourite TED Talks

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